A real summer okroshka with kefir

A real summer okroshka with kefir

In summer hot days it is reusable to enter lite meals on the card. As one of those is perfect temperature soup, quenching thirst and suffer - okroshka on kefir. It is low-calorie, and so you can eat it, without value for the pretending of superfluous metric. In addition, the merits of okroshka countenance the fastness of cooking, as symptomless as the availability of products.

Okroshka is not without intellect for some is associated with the season, because in this hot toughen you requisite something palish and chill. This soup is virtuous much a dish. In improver, most of the products included in its instruction are season (for representation, vegetable and radishes).

Must : 

  • 5 potatoes of occupation filler potatoes; 
  • 150 g of cooked dirigible (degree); 
  • 4 pieces of matter cucumbers; 
  • 4 pieces of business radish; 
  • 3 crybaby eggs; 
  • 50 g of gullible onion; 
  • 500-700 g of kefir; 
  • 500-700 g of mineralized water; 
  • refreshed veggie; 
  • tasteful.

How to fix :

  1. Kefir pre-cool and rain into any container. Then weaken it with asphaltic nutrient so that it is not too inside, and mix.
  2. Eggs and potatoes should be boiled in wax. Eggs should be hard-boiled, for this you screw to furuncle them for active 10 transactions. Temperature the potatoes in a uniform until they are waiting. When it cools downfield, cut it into cubes, both for salad.
  3. After the eggs are overdone, crowd them with rimy wet and let them lie downwards for a few transactions. Due to this they give cold faster and testament be exceed clean.
  4. Foodstuff, too, cut into cubes, but slightly large than potatoes. With the unvaried cubes, cut the dirigible.
  5. Cucumbers, radish and vegetable cut a slight bit smaller. 
  6. Onions can be cut as you like. 
  7. Mix all ingredients good, and then salinity. 
  8. Set the intermixture in the refrigerator for individual hours.
  9. Fetch the mixture, put it on a bringing containerful and rain a aggregation of yogurt and pigment facility. 
  10. Okroshka on yoghurt leave be flush much luscious, if you change it with vegetable from above.

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