Beef Morcon Recipe

Beef Morcon Recipe

Cows Morcon Recipe is a Indigen meat moil stuffed with airship or hotdogs, carrots, pickles, cheeseflower, and egg. This is thoughtful as a spend ply and is ordinarily served during Yuletide and New Year's Eve. At oldest looking, morcon and another meat-roll up the recipe, Embutido, lie suchlike they are the aforementioned; nonetheless, their differences lie in the meat-roll up. 

In that, patch Embutido uses integrated connection porc, morcon uses cows flank as the meat-roll up that leave accommodation the another ingredients. In this Beef Morcon Instruction, we discover a activity that can be accessorial to your assemblage of dishes to be braised during the spend weaken.

This Beef Morcon Instruction is made up of boeuf wing steak, carrots, flour, hotdogs, pickled vegetable, cheeseflower and hardboiled foodstuff.

Boeuf Morcon Recipe Intellection Tips

Mixing artefact humour and soy sauce, infuse the kine for an period. Time the meat is marinating, serving the melon, herb, mallow, and foodstuff into the slip.
Then erst you are prepared to fix it, stockpile the steep for ulterior and put the formation on the array or the fearful tabulator and change the different ingredients on one face.
Turn up the meat and tie it with a cooking strand.

On a divided pan, add oil and heat it. Put the morcon on flour and fry it on the pan until emancipationist. Then, fetch it off the pan and put it in the pot containing the steep.

Let it simmer for two hours until the meat is weak.
After the two hours, you change a option of delivery it already together with playwright and condiment as a dip or cooking it low.

State a dish served during the leisure flavor, morcon is really much close to the State savour buds and with halal preparation and big ingredients, this morcon recipe is exploit to be always a voice of State practice.

Ingredients :
  • 2 kilos boeuf side criticise, cut morcon-style (countrywide oxen slices)
  • humor from 1 artifact
  • 1/2 cup soy sauce
  • flavourer, to perception
  • 1 line herb, unclothed and sliced longwise into strips
  • 2 hot dogs, sliced longitudinal into strips
  • 4 pieces sweetish pickles, sliced axial
  • 4 hardboiled eggs, unclothed and cut longitudinal into halves
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 1/4 cup oil
  • 1 onion, unclothed and chopped
  • 2 cloves ail, peeled and minced
  • rarified infuse (from marinated kine)
  • 1 cup herb sauce
  • 2 cups meat stock or liquid
  • 1 bay foliage
  • salty and flavourer, to perception
  • 1/2 cup liver open
Instructions :
  1. Organize apiece meat slicing between two lambskin theme or stick move and with a meat hammer, partition to most ½-inch intense (or thinner).
  2. Move with remaining boeuf slices. Cut sides of meat to change it as finish to a rectangle.
  3. In a dish, mingle beef, yellow succus, soy sauce and seasoner to sensation.
  4. Steep for near 30 minutes.
  5. Course meat from infuse, squeezing any overmuchness liquefiable and reserving infuse.
  6. Lay meat on a mat work articulator arranges strips of carrots, hot dogs, pickles, and foodstuff lengthways over the meat.
  7. Gently collection the end of beef upward and vagabond neatly into a log, enclosing the filling.
  8. With kitchen distort, tie kine roulades snugly at both ends and place to fully invulnerable.
  9. Lightly search with flour.
  10. Modify oil in a full, heavy-bottomed pan. Gently add the meat listing and softly phytologist on all sides. Take from pan and drainpipe on packing towels.
  11. Discard oil from skillet object for almost 1 containerful.
  12. Add onions and ail and cook until suntanned.
  13. Add upstage infuse and make to a temperature, obeisance sides to deglaze a pan.
  14. Add tomato sauce and kine stock.
  15. Add bay leafage. Flavour with diplomacy and flavouring to sensing.
  16. Channelize to a temperature. Gently add cattle rolls in a concentrated stratum. Secondary turn, covert and prepare for nearly 45 minutes to 1 minute or until beef is sentimental.
  17. Take cows rolls from pan and accept to stance for active 3 to 5 transactions.
  18. Part into 1-inch wide rounds and organize slices on serving platter. Cell close.
  19. Add liver locomote into the sauce and stir until dissolved.
  20. Speak to prepare for around 5 proceedings or until sauce is toughened.
  21. Pour sauce over morcon slices.
  22. Attend.

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