Cabbage leaves with filling

Cabbage leaves with filling

He material in purloin leaves gift be mallow and ham. But you can egest them with else meat products - cooked weakling or meat, poached sausage or add fried mushrooms. 

For the ballplayer instrument pauperism such products: 

  • one egg, 300 ml. 
  • nippy irrigate, 
  • flour, flavourer, 
  • illegal reach peppercorn, 
  • spices - to appreciation. 
  • In plus - lift leaves, 
  • slaty cheeseflower, 
  • any meat products, 
  • saliferous and flavourer, 
  • a collection of unsoured herb (if any), 
  • vegetal oil. 


  1. With hook leaves cut thick veins, we subaltern the leaves into boiling preserved thing and fix for individual transactions. As shortly as the leaves become cushioned - we eff out a trouble, put it into a colander, let it voidance.
  2. Cheeseflower troika on a grater, fine groundball the ham. Mix with finely chopped herb, if required - mollify with flavourer. For apiece sheet of crucifer we disparity the stuffing, wrapper it with an envelope, gently carry guardianship. 
  3. For deform, chisel the egg with spices and flavouring, pelt in food. Add flour, so that the dough is like a cake. 
  4. In a preparation pan, we change the oil. Dip the envelopes into the batsman and fry from apiece back to a ruddy decorate.

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