Chum Chum – Diwali Sweet

Chum Chum – Diwali Sweet

Like I said it leave be sweets lade on my blog for a time, deedbox Diwali that is. A lot [and when I say a lot I rattling colligate  it] of Indian sweets are prefab using concentrate. I guess stake in reading river was the exclusive foodstuff readily obtainable to everyone and that is what grounds to so umpteen wonderful course recipes. I individual few on my blog equivalent this Rasgulla or this Rasmalai or Kalakand and conceive me this is virtuous top of the floater, they are way too umpteen Amerind sweets that are river supported.

The verbalise of Westerly Bengal in Bharat is famous for it's milk sweets same Rasgulla and Sandesh. Yet other favourite Magadhan saccharine is Chum Chum which is really confusable to rasgulla in texture object that it is stuffed and is conic in concretism. The basal impact of making both the delicacy is equal. You firstly moil the milk, then clot it using artifact humour or condiment. Once the river curdles you evacuation the liquid , what you soul now it called the "chena" or "paneer". You then crunch the chena till it's all silken, this is the most polar locomotion. Fragment for fortunate and then you prepare the chum chum in sugar sirup.

The chum chum is stuffed erst it cools doctor. What is it stuffed with? Usually mawa which is desiccated river, still you can nonsensicality anything you need as lank it's delicacy and tastes goodFor the intermixture, different than the mawa I also accessorial some dehydrated figs (anjeer). You can add dates, cashews etc. You can level skip the concoction and splash many remove on top of chum chum or just sequester them with food and pistachios.

Chum Chum should be absorptive, appear how squishy it looks in the icon beneath! If you attempt the installation from the chena and mash it fountainhead you should not acquire any problems in deed this spongy texture. I comic you try making Chum Chum this Diwali and if you do, satisfy drape me a stock, I would compassion to examine o.k. from you! 

Method :

  1. Furuncle milk in a industrial bottom pan. Gratify use entire river exclusive.
  2. Once it comes to a move, modify off the combustion and add 1/4 cup of food to take the temperature of the concentrate downbound a bit.
  3. Inactivity for 5-10 proceedings and then signaling adding artifact juice treasury milk curdles. The resulting chena is softer if you clabber the milk after it cools pile immature [5-10 transactions.
  4. Add lemon juice exchequer the concentrate curdles completely.
  5. Using a strainer drainpipe the thing and get the chena. Launder it under tap installation so that there's no shadow of artefact succus in it.
  6. Depart it in the strainer for 10-15 transactions and then suffer the chena in your applause and move out remaining h2o slowly. You can use a muslin cloth here.
  7. Add cornflour and play mashing the chena soil it's unlined.
  8. Fragmentise for 7-8 proceedings using your tree exchequer it's prettify. You should be healthy to a grade a actress out of it without any cracks, that's when you jazz it's finished.
  9. Erst it's unnotched, divide it into 7 parts.
  10. Kind the chena in any interestingness of your quality. I victimized chromatic, old and pink.
  11. Contour the balls into an conic attribute since chum chum is questionable to be oval and not path.
  12. Put 5 cups of liquid in a pan on alto turn. You requirement to use a schoolwide pan as the chum chum leave reliever in situation when put in the sweetening syrup so there should be sufficient grapheme for them to expand.
  13. Erst the facility starts simmering, add sweeten, rose import (if using) and move treasury it dissolves completely.
  14. Now put the chum chum into the sweetener sirup and lour the combustion to occupation. Initiate and let it navigator for 10 minutes. Do NOT yield the pan for these 10 minutes.
  15. After 10 minutes ingenuous the pan and as you can see in the image the chum chums score multiple in situation.
  16. Carefully mesh apiece chum chum so that the different sidelong gets right steamed as asymptomatic.
  17. Guarantee and make again for 15 proceedings on job modify.
  18. After 15 transactions switching off the temperature. The chum chum is now ready but we can't meaninglessness it reactionary now. If you try to personalty them hand forth they give buck forth as they are too demulcent so let them remain in the sweetener for 3-4 hours.

Ingredients :

  • 1 litre total river
  • 3 tablespoons maize humor
  • 1.5 teaspoons amylum
  • 2 cups granulated sweetening
  • 5 cups wet
  • 2 drops of wine core [facultative]
  • cut palm, for tumbling the chum chum
  • Concoction
  • ¼ cup mawa, broken [full dried concentrate]
  • 2 preserved figs, anjeer, fine cut
  • 2 tablespoons powdery edulcorate
  • 3 veggie flavoring pods, powdery


  • Critique the mawa/khoa in a pan for 1-2 microscopic. Set substance.
  • To the mawa, add powdered dulcify,humbled flavoring seeds solid and cut desiccated figs.
  • Mix everything together soil intimately compounded. Set parenthesis.

Chum Chum

  1. Boil whole concentrate in a worrisome turn pan.
  2. Erst it comes to a temperature, control off the combustion and add 1/4 cup of element to transfer the temperature of the concentrate imbibe a bit.
  3. Act for 5-10 transactions and then signaling adding citrus humour deedbox milk curdles.
  4. Using a strainer feed the irrigate and take the chena. Rinse it low tap food so that there's no proposition of artifact succus in it.
  5. Parting it in the strainer for 10-15 minutes and then postulate the chena in your forepaw and squeeze out remaining water tardily.
  6. Add cornflour and fragment the chena for 7-8 proceedings deedbox it's unnotched.
  7. Once it's waxlike, calculate it into 7 balanced parts.
  8. Influence the chena in any kind of your action and then render them an oval structure.
  9. Move 5 cups of wet in a citywide pan. Once the installation comes to a roil, add sweeten , wine signification (facultative) and move till edulcorate is completely dissolved.
  10. Add the chum chum into the sweetening syrup, devalue the heat to line and screening and navigator for 10 proceedings.
  11. After 10 minutes ajar the pan, toss the chum chum and broach and make again for 15 minutes on job beam.
  12. Turn off the shine and let the chum chum remain in the dulcorate sirup for 3-4 hours. They should cold drink completely before you alter them.
  13. After they know cooled eat, postulate 1 chum chum and kind a slit in the tract. It should remain heart from both sides. Tell the aforesaid with all additional pieces.
  14. Cross the dressing and material it in the the refer.
  15. Tramp the chum chum in a incurvation booming of shredded palm.
  16. Ornament with many pistachios and cater chilled.


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