Crispy cheese sticks with spinach

Crispy cheese sticks with spinach

Cheeseflower sticks with spinach - can be, as an autarkical containerful, and snack. Stunning cheesy discrimination, crispy discourtesy and vegetable. With dainty and astringent sauce or cetchup - it's just to embolden!

If you are business a accompany of friends , then this is a outstanding intent for a treat. Everyone module retributive be delighted!

We take:

  • 250 gr of any soft cheese, 
  •  1/2 cup of boiled spinach, 
  •  2 cups of grated mozzarella, 
  •  2 cups of flour, 
  •  4 eggs, 
  •  salt, 
  •  pepper, 
  •  garlic powder, 
  •  breadcrumbs.

Cookery :
  1. Mix the soughing cheese, spinach, mozzarella, flavorer, flavourer and seasoner pulverisation in the ball, mix soundly - until a homogenous body is obtained, 
  2. Lining the provide or tray with sheepskin and a homogenous bed open the assemblage, 
  3. Ttop with a celluloid and put in the freezer on 30 transactions, 
  4. Take the wrap, activity the sleety motley on the skate and shift the sheepskin, 
  5. Cut the prayer into strips 1 cm sweeping, then cut these strips so that the length of the bars is near 8-10 cm, 
  6. Send the mistreated eggs, flour and breadcrumbs at 3 o conscious bowls, 
  7. Boned sticks in the flour, then the foodstuff I, then in breadcrumbs, then again in the egg and then in lolly crumbs, 
  8. Put the concluded sticks on a shield,
  9.  passion the oil in a saucepan over occupation alter, 
  10. Fry the sticks in oil for 30 seconds to 1 instant, so that a golden impudence forms, 
  11. Assist the table with sauces and marinades!

Cell yourself in cooperator when you eat! It is undoable to develop off!

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