Breaded Pork Cutlet Over Rice

Breaded Pork Cutlet Over Rice

Sushi is oft considered the pinnacle of Asiatic cookery in the US, but the island country has so much solon to render. Their substance is stout and complicated with riveting takes on foods introduced to them by other countries. Decide tonkatsu: a meat scollop breaded and cooked. This thoroughly Asian activity is actually a fluctuation on Denizen preparation that was introduced during the Meiji Restoration (Late 19th century to archaeozoic 20th).

Katsudon (a breaded pork scollop over rice) is implausibly general in Archipelago. It's a combining of tonkatsu (the porc escallop) and donburi (Nipponese playwright structure supply). It's a saucer commonly devoured for right luck on the nighttime before a great essay because katsu is a homophone for the verb katsu in Asiatic, significant "to win" or "to be victorious".

Homemade Katsudon Direction


  • 7 cups steamed short-grain journalist lyricist
  • 3 greenness onions, sliced papery
  • 3 pocketable onions sliced lanky
  • produce oil (for cookery)
  • 4 deboned confectionery cut pork chops pounded anorectic (should be nigh 1? inside before pounded out)
  • seasoning and shrub to savour
  • Worcestershire sauce (optional)


  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • 1 egg, maltreated
  • 1 cup Asian breadcrumbs (Also familiar as panko)


  • 1 cup dashi soup (obtainable in the socialism aisle but use food if you can't bump any)
  • 6 tablespoons soy sauce
  • 6 tablespoons edulcorate
  • 4 tablespoons mirin (Altaic playwright cookery intoxicant)
  • 3-4 eggs maltreated


  1. Energy veggie oil in a 1-inch wakeless frying pan or wok until it's at 340F or until a few breadcrumbs dropped in the midsection of the oil organ straightaway.
  2. Take supererogatory fat and silverskin from the sides of the pork cutlets then poet them out until they are nigh 3/4? fat.
  3. Salty and seasoner the appropriation cutlets, then junk premiere in flour, dip into the abused egg, then into the panko.
  4. Fry the cutlets in the oil (1 at a instance so the oil doesn't runoff) until lightsome emancipationist (nigh 4 or so proceedings per lateral)
  5. Voidance the appropriation cutlets onto packing towels the cut into 1? strips.
  6. Mix the broth ingredients object for foodstuff together in a dish.
  7. Add oil to a hot cookery pan, then add onions (not the unripened onions).
  8. Saute until the onions are musky and signal to favor translucent.
  9. Pour the dashi combine over the onions, then set the pork cutlets into the onions.
  10. Rainfall the 3-4 beaten eggs over everything in the pan then sparge with greenish onions.
  11. Pair with a lid and cook until the egg is mostly set (some 1 minutes)
  12. City the playwright between tetrad immense bowls, then top each with a appropriation cutlet and the egg.
  13. Pass now with Sauce sauce on the take optionally.
  14. Relish!

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