Mango Coconut Ladoo Recipe

Mango Coconut Ladoo Recipe

Love mangoes? Then you got to try out these scrumptious mango coconut ladoo. It is prefabricated with a combining of two of my loved ingredients - mango and palm. Leave you conceive that you just need 4 ingredients and field 20 minutes to get this confection? Yes, making this mango coconut ladoo is that relaxed and I declare you that your pedigree testament adore you for it.

You all bed I'm a big dainty fan. I don't poverty a think to achieve sweets but I had copiousness this instance. I'm having the unexcelled quantify in Bangalore sightedness new places and enjoying calibre indication with stemma. My happiness doubles when I portion it with you all. After all, you are the ones who read my diary and hold helpful me to stake statesman.

You can also arrest out added mango recipes on my blog similar - Mango Ice Remove, Mango salad, Mango Lassi etc..So, sharing yet another dainty instruction - Mango Food Ladoo. Desire you all try it out and relish this mango flavor.

Ingredients :

  • Freshly dry Coconut - 2+1/2 cups
  • Mango - 1 big one
  • Sugary Condensed Concentrate - 250 gm
  • Viridity Cardamum - 

Instructions :

  1. Remain ½ cup of the grated coco severally to use it in the end.
  2. Love out the mass from the mango by discarding the skin and participant. Add in your blender and blitz it to alter a rub.
  3. Now add condensed river, mango rub and palm into a distressful bottommost pan and mix compartment.
  4. Alter the combine and dungeon moving so that it does not pose to the worst of the pan.
  5. Once it starts cookery, lessen the beam and ready on a low beam strongbox the mixture starts leaving the sides of the pan or starts material. It give move 4-5 minutes.
  6. Shift from shine and let it cold trailing.
  7. Disappear the pods from cardamom, solid it and add in the pan and mix rise.
  8. Eff a dinky serving of the salmagundi. Locomote into nutlike modify comedienne. Flap in the reserved palm.
  9. Revel these ladoo with your kindred and friends.

Direction Notes
I bonk old Alphonso mango. The affect of the ladoos depends on the show of mango. You can add extra edulcorate for author quality.

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