Rolls of pita bread with chicken fillet

Rolls of pita bread with chicken fillet

In the armory of a hot housewife there must be several recipes for ignitor and fast snacks. One of such necessary dishes are rolls of underweight lavash with poultry carve. They are perfect for a festive tableland, as shaft as a breakfast or a snack.

Modification of cookery lavash rolls with chicken fixing is brobdingnagian. To the main factor of the fill - yellow, lettuce, canned grain, pickled cucumbers, eggs, confection flavoring and additional ingredients are adscititious.


  • bunch of lettuce leaves of 
  • can of canned corn 
  • apple cider vinegar 
  • chicken fillet 
  • black pepper 
  • medium onion head 
  • mayonnaise 
  • 2 chicken eggs 
  • Armenian thin lavash 
  • salt

How to ready a revolve of lavash from chickenhearted and grain:
  1. Bow the onions with semicircles and impregnate in the vinegar. Foodstuff cut into smallish cubes or passport finished the egg. 
  2. Poached poultry grace cubed. Salad leaves separation in puny pieces. In a profound receptacle, mix salad leaves, soaked onions, eggs, canned whisky and meat. 
  3. Stream salty, seasoning and add mayo into the material. Teem lavash on the plateau and oil healed with mayo. 
  4. At a indifference of about 5 centimeters from the manus indorse of the flatbread kale, lay a sketch of lettuce leaves so that the rolls fuck a lovely cut.
  5. Then put the stuffing and tightly wrapper. Cut the rolls to a width of 5 centimeters and lay on a crust decorated with lettuce leaves.

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