Watermelon Layer Drink

Watermelon Layer Drink

With layers of green, white, and red, this Watermelon Layer Drink is such a fun sumertime drink! Would be great for a watermelon themed party or BBQ.

Can you believe it's August?! No! I'm totally in denial about the fact that we are on the downhill slope of summer. Don't get me wrong, I love me a good change in seasons. But when you live in Wyoming and it is wintertime 8 months out of the year, summertime is something that you hold onto for dear life! Which is why I'm posting this cute Watermelon Layer Drink recipe today. These layered drinks are pretty much the coolest thing ever to me. 

This drink is made up of three different kinds of liquids and when making these, it is all dependent on the sugar content of those liquids. The one with the most sugar will go on the bottom, the second most sugared liquid goes next, and the one with the least amount of sugar will go on top. In this case, the Green Apple Gatorade was the only drink I could find with a high enough sugar content to go on the bottom, with a whopping 22 grams of sugar. Now, I'm trying to cut back on my sugar intake, so I'm definitely not complaining, but do you know how hard it is to find a white drink that has less that 22 grams of sugar?! Answer: very.

Don't worry though. I did it. Sobe Pacific Coconut Lifewater has 20 grams of sugar, which is technically less than the Gatorade and it technically floats on top, but it's not as defined as it is in our Candy Corn Layered Drink. If you want it as defined as those, I suggest changing up the layers and doing the green on the bottom, a red drink with between 8-15 grams of sugar , and Vitamin Water Zero Calorie Lemonade. Either way, this Watermelon Layer Drink is super cute and a perfect drink to say goodbye to summer with!

Ingredients :

  • SoBe Pacific Coconut Lifewater
  • Fruit Punch G2 Gatorade
  • Ice 
  • Green Apple Gatorade

Instructions :

  1. Fill your cup to the top with ice.
  2. Pour your Green Apple Gatorade over the ice and let it settle on the bottom.
  3. Pour the SoBe Pacific Coconut Lifewater very slowly over the ice and let it settle on top of the Gatorade.
  4. Add more ice, if needed, to keep it filled to the top. Then pour your Fruit Punch G2 Gatorade slowly over the ice and let it settle on top of the SoBe.
  5. Repeat steps for remaining drinks and enjoy!

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