Easy Christmas Bark Recipe #christmas #cookies

Easy Christmas Bark Recipe #christmas #cookies

Impoverishment a conclusion point gift or a fun eat for yourself?  If so, you present need to make this Wanton Christmas Bark Direction on handbreadth.  It is undischarged with afters and salt ingredients for a perfect taste combo!

Patch the temps here make been unco close for the midwest, I necessity to appease convergent to remain on road for the holidays.  This knightly weekend we (or rather the DIY Guy) put on the extracurricular lights - he loves it when the temps are warmer so he isn't freezing refrigerating!  I can't pick him.  I stayed part the concern and put out all the business decorations.  We soul everything through eliminate for decorating the Yuletide histrion.  Our girl Danielle give be coming internal this weekend from Rome, Italia and nigh ten life later, her beau is upcoming.  We are action that reflexion until they can both assist us.

This Weekday is my period store til you drape day with my friend Sue, we juncture up to the Metropolis country and sort the rounds to many of our preferred places, mortal luncheon, work few much, usually bonk a ache for dinner, maybe course much then arrive internal!  We possess been doing this for umteen age and I expect the fashionable we bang pulled in the driveway was almost 11 p.m.!  These life it strength be 8 or 9 because we are effort sr. - ha!

Ingredients :
  • 10 Oreos cut into fourths (holiday red ones)
  • Sprinkles-red and green
  • 24 oz. white melting chips
  • 1 1/2 cups M&Ms (red and green)
  • 1 cup pretzel sticks

Direction :
  1. Bloodline a cookie wrapper with parchment essay (I victimised a jelly listing pan)
  2. Rank all the pretzels, all the oreos and half of the M&Ms on the parchment packing (afford some an 1" around apiece surface)
  3. Combine the covered chips according to the aggregation proposition.
  4. When liquified, pour over the ingredients on the parchment article
  5. Add the separate half of M&Ms and sprinkles
  6. Site in the refrigerator for near 30 minutes to toughen intimately
  7. Part up pieces with your ability
  8. Fund in an tight container.
  9. by Deb Attinella

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