Easy Rudolph Brownies #christmas #cake

Easy Rudolph Brownies #christmas #cake

Season is virtually here and if you're perception for an light way to dress-up your brownies, this is it! Loose Rudolph Brownies! You can attain patron Deer Brownies too but the red caress is fair so fun and rattling pops on the coffee brownies.

I love this strain because there are a lot of slipway to represent them!  You can use a box mix for the brownies or from blemish, you can ice the brownies and follow on the "face" or you can honourable use many thawed coffee as "glue" to thrust everything on same I did!  You can discombobulate them unitedly for a receiver or sort it a kindred thing and make the kids change them!

The funnest try some these? I prefabricated the eyes!!  You can buy candy eyes from the stock but its cheaper to make your own and these ones are large!  I bought the Strike m&m's because they proceed with discolor, vegetable and red! I victimized the red for the noses and the whites I else a dot of thawed drink to puddle them lie like eyes!  Honorable immix perfect many drinkable and use a toothpick to "dot" on the pupils.

  • 1 Box Brownie Mix
  • melted chocolate about 1/2 cup
  • Ingredients on back of Brownie mix usually oil, eggs and water
  • Pretzels
  • Holiday Mint m&m's they come with red, white and green

  1. Read brownies as directed and let precooled.
  2. Cut brownies into rectangles and either poet or use the liquefied umber to place on the reindeer present. See notes above for decorating options.

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