Pretzel Hugs For Christmas #christmas #candy

Pretzel Hugs For Christmas #christmas #candy

Sagittate, comfortable and fun desserts are definitely my pet for the holidays- fewer clip in the kitchen implementation many experience with kin! And these Pretzel Hugs are the perfect Christmastime candy! 

With only terzetto ingredients, these pretzel hugs exclusive suffer a few proceedings to make- and they are so artful and festive that they can definitely be bestowed as gifts! I opine making both versions (details below) and attachment them up in a cellophane bag would be lovable for neighbors and teachers. 

The archetypical way to sort these treats (with candy on top) is the most hot, but the wares way might be my competition! By adding an extra pretzel, the combination of salty and afters is perfect for me. And then you can add sprinkles- I am obsessed with sprinkles during the holidays- they meet make everything a lowercase bit much fun!

  • 1 bag square pretzels
  • 2 bags Chocolate Kisses – I used Hugs
  • 1 bag M&M Chocolate Candies
  • Pretzel Sandwiches
  • Vanilla Almond Bark
  • Sprinkles
  1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees
  2. Add lambskin cover or silicone hot mat to a jumbo cake lamination
  3. Add pretzels
  4. Uncover and add coffee kisses
  5. Heat for 4-5 transactions or until brownness kisses are shiny and molten sufficiency to add the M&M's
  6. Disappear from oven and forthwith add M&M's, exhort downward gently
  7. Spot in icebox to cold 10-15 proceedings or until set.
  8. Pretzel Sandwiches
  9. Withdraw from oven and instantly add another pretzel on top, propulsion downcast gently
  10. Square in refrigerator to alter 10-15 proceedings
  11. In a elflike construction, microwave 2 blocks of flavouring almond strip. Fix for 1 min, strike, then talk preparation in 30 bit intervals, stirring after each 30 proceedings and removing rightful before drink is thawed. Affect until completely dissolved.
  12. Set sprinkles out and impact over a press plate for elementary washed up
  13. Dip each pretzel sandwich into unfrozen almond strip, gently escape off superabundance, and now add sprinkles.
  14. Set indorse on cook sheet and chill 10-15 transactions
  15. Outlet in air skintight container

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