Chorizo Hummus Bowl

Chorizo Hummus Bowl

Add chorizo and kail to hommos for a containerful that's packed with protein and flavour. Drizzle over olive oil and mate with flatbread to puddle luncheon for one.

  • 400g can chickpeas
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • ¼ yellow
  • 1-2 lilliputian preparation choriz
  • 2 handfuls cut colewort
  • flatbread
  1. Lukewarm the chickpeas in a zap or preparation pan in their state. Pipage and military the fluid. Tip half the chickpeas into a puny content processor with 1 tbsp oil, the artifact humour and a splash of the clear from the tin and whir to a attach. Toughen.
  2. Put the chorizo in a undersized preparation pan and make over a low change until it starts to freeing its oils, then recede up the temperature and remain cookery until the chorizo starts to distinct. Add the remaining chickpeas and budge for a twain of mins. Strike in the borecole and fix until it wilts.
  3. Spoon the near hummus into a trough and tip the chorizo, chickpeas and cole on top. Rain over the remaining oil, weaken fine and run with flatbread for scooping up.

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