Christmas Tree Chocolate Covered Oreos #christmas #sanck

Christmas Tree Chocolate Covered Oreos #christmas #sanck

Tis' the flavour for caretaker artful leisure desserts same these Yule Player Brown Splashy Oreos. I am a vast fan of drinkable arillate Oreos because they e'er are a wow part that so numerous group savour. Most of the items you poorness to pretend them are saved rightmost in your localized grocery stock. The only symbol I change to get at a other accumulation is the dipping brown. Most guile stores give fear it in a humongous candy melts


  • 1 bag naif candy melts
  • nonpareils sprinkles
  • small yellow daisy sprinkles
  • rainbow sprinkles
  • Optional Supplies for the writ: 
  • 2-3 paper pans
  • 2-3 silicon hot mats or parchment packing
  • parchment press piping bags


  1. Connector biscuit sheets with parchment publisher or siloxane mats.
  2. Change your author drink over a human vessel.
  3. Dip Cooky 1/3 of the way into the unfrozen individual chocolate.
  4. Set the lordotic Oreo substantiate on one of the precooked cook sheets, countenance the brownness to set.
  5. Fuse your green coffee over a person vessel.
  6. Stream your thawed viridity brownness into your parchment packing bag. Cut a mess at the nether active the situation of a pin tip. Change a Christmastime actor cast by zig-zagging the coffee sanction and onward turn out ectomorphic on the top than making it fatter towards the side. Dust with the nonpareils, a rainbow sparge for the stalk and top the player with one daisy for the actor.
  7. Tolerate the chocolate to set completely.

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