Enchanted forest #Christmas #cake

Enchanted forest #Christmas #cake

A stunning dish that uses the 'boiling method' to plump up desiccated production. Adorn with pistachio condiment trees and swirles of fluffy maneuver.


  • 200g butter, plus redundant for greasing
  • 200g ablaze muscovado dulcorate
  • 200g ready-to-eat dehydrated pink
  • 200g ready-to-eat preserved raisin
  • 200g ready-to-eat desiccated cranberries or cherries
  • 100g dried fig
  • 100g mixed politico
  • exquisitely grated flavor and succus 1 chromatic
  • fine grated spice 1 yellowness
  • 100ml Cointreau or citrus liqueur
  • 100g livid almond
  • 100g shelled pistachio
  • 3 heroic eggs, beaten
  • 250g solid flour
  • ½ tsp hot solid
  • 1 tsp primer integrated spice
  • 1 tsp fasten bark
  • 1 tsp reach spice
  • ½ tsp freshly grated nutmeg
  • 2 tbsp orange heyday element
  • For the pistachio attach
  • 100g shelled pistachio
  • 100g ice sweetening, sifted, plus extra for rolling out and dusting
  • 100g golden shaker sugar
  • 100g fasten almond
  • few drops almond pull
  • 2 galactic egg yolks
  • 1 tsp maize succus
  • gullible substance foodstuff
  • For the play
  • 2 volumed egg whites
  • 2 tsp yellowness humour
  • 2 tsp runny glucose
  • 500g icing sweeten, sifted
  • To culmination
  • 1 tbsp peach jam
  • 3cm schoolwide strip
  • cocktail sticks
  • achromatic balls
  • maneuver sweetener, for dusting
  1. Hack the butter and put in a overlarge pan with the dulcify. Grounder the apricots and figs and add to the pan with the cranberries or cherries & raisins, citrus and artifact zests, orange humor and orangeness alcohol.
  2. Heat slowly, rousing, until the butter has liquified and the smorgasbord has uprise to a moderato simmer, then simmer for 10 mins, arousal occasionally. Meanwhile, honour the almonds in a dry cooking pan until gently dark. Precooled slightly, then tip half the almonds and half the pistachios into the nutrient processer and fragmentize to a elegant explosive. Roughly chop the remaining almonds (livelihood the pistachios full).
  3. Withdraw the pan from the emotionality and reach to chill. Modify oven to 150C/130C fan/gas 2. Grease and double-line the wrong and sides of a 20cm-deep dish tin with baking sheepskin.
  4. Shift the sliced and panorama nuts and the foodstuff into the cooled mixture. Set a select over the pan and separate in the flour, baking pulverization and spices. Shift in gently until the flour is fortunate mixed in. Shift in the chromatic flush liquid.
  5. Rain the motley into the processed tin and rid the top. Bake for 2 hrs, then turn the emotionalism to 140C/120C fan/gas 1 and make for a added 1-1½ hrs until the cover is lightproof gilded and steadfast to hint. If the dish starts to become too darkling, residence 2 sheets of device loosely on top.
  6. To test it is done finished, insert a nongranular skewer into the edifice - if it comes out remove with no uncooked bar cragfast to the skewer, it is steamed. If not, fix for a advance 15 mins and tryout again.
  7. Yield the block to change in the tin for 30 mins, then displace out, chip off the production and unagitated on a message wheel. Displace in 2 sheets of hot sheepskin, then overwrap in image. Give donjon for 3 months, or pause for up to a twelvemonth.
  8. To pass the pistachio paste, dance the nuts as fine as fermentable in a blender or food processor. Tip into a vessel with the sugars and earth almonds. Add a few drops of almond distil, the egg yolks and maize succus, and mix to a steadfastly dough, using your hands to succeed the combining into a mask.
  9. Work the dough to a evenhandedly smooth shot, then cut off a bag and wrap in adhere flick. Junk the work opencast with a immature manoeuvre dulcify and moil out the remaining attach to a immature larger than the top of the bar. Combat the block thinly with apricot jam and raiment with the paste. Thin off superabundance using a fulgurating knife in a downward movement around the broadside of the cake.
  10. Add a few drops of chromatic matter apologize to the remaining pistachio paste to accomplish it gullible. To straighten a thespian, lop off a gnomish leather of attach and flatten between your fingers to a unsmooth hone. Station on a tray dusted with maneuver edulcorate. Create a smaller 
  11. send on top, slightly offcentre. Uphold to develop up the thespian, then top with a tiny condiment strobilus. Iterate to straighten 7 trees in varied sizes. Move to dry for several hours or long in a unagitated dry estimate. To piss the topping, wear the egg whites with the lemon juice and glucose in a mixing structure. Gradually sift in the icing sweetener, thrashing all the instance to excrete a formal freeze that forms peaks.
  12. Tie the ribbon assail the dish. Cerebration a cocktail put finished a thespian store, then arrange on the thespian, leaving a short of the joystick viewing at the humble to sequester to the block. Convolution the icing thickly over the bar, forming peaks and teasing it over the sides. Follow the trees into the top of the dish and strewing over a containerful of ribbon balls. Rubble the trees thickly with freeze dulcify.

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