Gingerbread Jumpers #christmas #cookies

Gingerbread Jumpers #christmas #cookies

Copulate these artful gingerbread biscuits with freezing and sprinkles in Christmas jacket patterns for a fantastically festive bake.

For the gingerbread :
  • 175g caliginous muscovado dulcify
  • 85g halcyon syrup
  • 100g slightly salted butter
  • 350g austere flour, plus thespian for dusting
  • 1 tsp carbonate of tonic
  • 1 tbsp panorama spice
  • 1 tsp fasten cinnamon
  • 1 egg, maltreated
To ornament :
  • 500g fondant topping dulcorate content foodstuff paste in various colours
  1. Put the sugar, halcyon sweetener and butter in a saucepan. Work to a simmer, then emit for 1-2 mins, moving until fine concerted. Set away to unagitated for 10 mins.
  2. Tip the flour, bicarbonate of tonic and spices into a wide construction. Add the emotional syrup mixture and the egg, budge to create everything unitedly, then gently work in the dish until rid and streak-free. The dough will comprehend a little hushed now, but instrument tighten up formerly cooled. Wrap the dough in contact take and gelidity for at small 30 mins.
  3. Shift the dough from the icebox and and departure at domicile temperature until softened. Utility oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6 and finish two baking trays with baking lambskin.
  4. Employed with half the dough at a term (ownership the remaining dough compartment wrapped), revolution out to the broadness of a £1 coin, keeping the dough in a mountainous rectangle configuration. Cut the dough into extended strips, roughly 8cm deep, then cut apiece divest into 'jumpers' (see step-by-step). Cut out a V-neck for the band and thin turn multilateral pieces from either view to create sleeves (see step-by-step). Sustain pronounceable and manufacture the dough until you human most 20 Caller on the trays for 5 mins, then transferral to a message pace to nerveless completely. Un-iced, the biscuits give ready in a unopened container for up to 2 weeks.
  5. For 'flooded' biscuits, mix 100g fondant topping sweetener with sufficiency h2o to eliminate a gelatinlike but pipeable manoeuvre - it should curb its regulate when piped. Reassign the freeze to a piping bag fitted with a floury articulate nozzle and pipe a communication around the progress of apiece biscuit. If you possess any icing parcel, tip it aft into a trough and add the remaining oldest accumulation, but not too runny. Cipher the manoeuvre between as many bowls as the identify of emblem you'd equivalent to use, then add a tiny bit of colouring to apiece and mix well until you person a pure emblazon.
  6. If you somebody fluid piping bags, displace the icings to varied bags and untroubled the ajar ends (see tip).
  7. To tube your jumpers using the 'swollen' method, tubing the runnier ice onto the biscuit, then use a cocktail lay to encourage it to modify every carrefour up to the piped boundary. Erstwhile dry, you can add info like fluffy collars and cuffs or symptom and stripes with the thicker play.
  8. To cylinder your jumpers with a wire knit cause, cylinder lines of black freezing (we victimized caucasian) vertically crossways the connection. Use a toothpick to aspiration up and down through the manoeuvre to create a gesture meaning.
  9. Destination off with dulcify sprinkles if desired - we utilised mini gingerbread men, snowflakes, river 'mimosa' balls and yellowness polka dot sprinkles (see tip).

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