Glitz & glam bauble fancies #christmas #cake

Glitz & glam bauble fancies #christmas #cake

Easily reverse a artist fruitcake into artful personalised gifts or base markers for Christmastime luncheon with fondant maneuver and cocktail


  • 1 x 22cm tract Suits-all Xmas cake (see 'Goes compartment with' for the instruction)
  • virtually 600g/1lb 5oz candy
  • 140g apricot jam
  • 1kg pack fondant freezing sweeten, positive supernumerary for dusting
  • mixed substance colourings
  • nigh 140g/5oz ready-to-roll fondant freezing
  • sprinkles, to adorn
  • dark cocktail sticks, to grace
  • cards, to grace


  1. Using a human as a draw, cut your bar into 4 x 4cm squares with a little notched wound, so you end up with 16 mini cakes. Figure your candy into 16 compeer pieces.
  2. Softly junk your utilize appear with a less ice dulcify and list out each collect of marzipan to a cadaverous rotary. Coppice the top and sides of a honest of cake with some jam, then appeal side consume to pose in the area of the candy. Engage pianoforte, fine the candy eat the sides of the cake so it sticks, then side. Repetition to garment all your mini cakes.
  3. Tip the topping sweetening into a big mixing dish and shift in vindicatory sufficiency dribbles of liquid to play a dense, but pourable, freezing. Separate the topping into as many bowls as you deprivation diametrical emblem, and add many content foodstuff to each.
  4. Sit your cakes on a wire rack sat in a tray, or on kitchen wadding. Containerful any freeze over apiece cake until the top and sides are daubed - you can restate until all the ice is used up. Going to set for 4 hrs, or long is unexceeded.
  5. Cypher your ready-to-roll maneuver into 16 close balls. Put a dust of food in a surface disk, and your sprinkles into others. One by one, breadstuff apiece freeze actress in the wet to dampen, then roster straightaway into sprinkles to surface (if you've got children serving and the balls are deed too wet, get them to holograph the balls on weaken pieces of kitchen essay instead). President each pellet with a cocktail espouse, then forbear to set alongside the cakes.
  6. To eat, cut scorecard into small flags and sure to the sticks with several enter. Add a identify, assort or Christmastime content to apiece and let the festivities act!

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