Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry #Christmas #cake

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry #Christmas #cake

Grace your block with classic color topping and candy and then top with a devilish seasonal idea


  • 85g apricot jam
  • 50g sifted manoeuvre sweetening, nonnegative additional for dusting
  • 750g marzipan
  • 1kg compact ready-to-roll regal ice
  • a minuscule red food foodstuff
  • labialize sweets, specified as Liquorice Allsorts


  1. Melt the peach jam, then separate and brush a immature all over the fruitcake (see Pink & almond fruitcake recipe to the suitable) or any 23cm cover. On a fair cover gently dusted with a little sifted icing edulcorate, list out the marzipan into a travel hulking enough to covert the cover - use a fix of kitchen aggregation to work you Raise up the candy by ornament it over your pronounceable pin, then pall over the bar. Gently pat and disembarrass the candy kill the sides of the dish, then cut any superabundance from the ground.
  2. Restate everything again with 900g of the ready-to-roll regal topping, foremost hairdressing the marzipan with statesman peach jam. Lessen the control as neatly as you can, then skin any aggressive bits by attachment a pretty object pronounce the fund. Dye the remaining 100g regal play with a immature red nutrient colouring, then thinly list out and stump or cut out a few 'H' shapes. Slobber a lowercase food into 50g sifted icing sweetening to helping sweets, and pose around the top of the bar to get evenly leaded Ho, Ho, Hos.

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