Hot Bloody Mary Soup

Hot Bloody Mary Soup

Adapt a creamy tomato soup direction by adding all the spicy ingredients of a peppery Butcherly Mother cocktail.

  • ½ x abstraction creamy herb soup 
To ornament :
  • 2 tbsp celery salinity
  • 2 tbsp herb seeds
  • 2 tbsp mixed flavourer
  • 1 tbsp Sichuan seasoner
  • bottle Condiment sauce
  • pocketable containerful Tabasco sauce
  • gnomish bottle vodka
  • 1 tremendous lemon
  1. Reheat the tomato soup. Mix the celery flavourer and seeds in a miniature jar. Trounce all the peppercorns together using a muller and mortar. Join a tray of all the ingredients to grace, with the herb mix, broken shrub mix, Sauce sauce, Tabasco, vodka and maize wedges.
  2. Remove the soup into bowls and let everyone flavor it up to their liking.

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