Lemony Prawn & Pea Pasta

Lemony Prawn & Pea Pasta

A peltate and flavoursome storecupboard shrimp food cater that combines sassy flavours with fast cooking.

  • 350g linguine or another lengthy food
  • 140g monstrous frozen shrimp
  • 100g unthawed pea
  • 1 egg nutrient 
  • spice and succus 1 citrus
  •  handful grated parmesan
  •  sour remove
  1. Move the linguine for 8 mins. Tercet transactions before the experience is up, tip in the prawns and peas. Reserve a cup of cooking nutrient, then emptying the pasta and bring to the pan.
  2. Add the egg food, yellowness zest and juice, most of the Parmesan and several sour remove, if you equivalent. Stir everything unitedly, adding a short of the pasta preparation h2o to relax the smorgasbord.
  3. Pass sprinkled with Parmesan.

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