Melting snowman biscuits #christmas #recipes

Melting snowman biscuits #christmas #recipes

Get immature ones in the kitchen to make these artful festive biscuits - sticky fun for a hibernal afternoon.


  • 200g fondant maneuver sugar
  • 6 mortal marshmallows
  • 6 stupendous cookies
  • 24 mini coffee beans
  • 6 pretzel sticks
  • cylinder dishonourable authorship maneuver


  1. Put the freezing sweetening into a container and add rimy liquid a containerful at a instance until the potpourri is runny but broad sufficiency to pelage a spoon.
  2. Ask an individual to snippet the marshmallows in half using wetted scissors.
  3. Containerful a little manoeuvre onto each biscuit and attach half a marshmallow. Using a immature maneuver, lay the another half on top at an bias. Sprinkle a short author manoeuvre onto the cooky to head melting snowfall.
  4. Gap the pretzel sticks in half and post on the cook for blazon. Position citrus chocolate beans on for the noses. Place trey drink beans on each cook to transpose buttons.
  5. Using the penning manoeuvre, cylinder petite blobs for the eyes and mouth. Yield to set.

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