Mini Recipes #Christmas #cake

Mini Recipes #Christmas #cake

Excrete our circle cover (see 'goes wellspring with') and use the element mid cut to create a littlest present decorated with classic candy and fondant maneuver


  • 1 tbsp dissolved and sieved pink jam
  • 200g marzipan
  • 300g segregated ready-to-roll fondant topping
  • gilded or greyness killable spray
  • tender yellow balls
  • ribbon
  • 1 8cm-wide mini Xmas cover, assumed from the heart of the Yule encircle bar (see 'goes healed with')


  1. Use apricot jam to sweeten your mini dish. Conceal using candy and 250g of the someone ready-to-roll fondant icing.
  2. Undulate out added 50g ice and cut out snowflakes or stars using cutters - you can spray them with metallic or prize killable spray to excrete them lie real dramatic. Position them on top of the dish with a lowercase runny play, square an edible yellow shot between the points and add the pretty thread.

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