Mix & match mini #Christmas #pudding

Mix & match mini #Christmas #pudding

Bespoke festive puddings ignoble you can produce apiece one to human tastes spell holding the luxurious fruity radical the equal.


  • a little butter, for greasing
  • a soft freezing dulcify, for dusting
For the course understructure :
  • flavor 1 river
  • 100g grated herb
  • 50g sentimentalism
  • 200g breadcrumb
  • 200g ground flour
  • 250g vegetarian suet
  • 2 double foodstuff, lightly abused
  • 200ml resolute
  • 250g illuminating muscovado sweeten
  • 400g raisins, sultanas or shrub, or a assemblage
  • Nonnegative your action of the following
  • 100g mixed politico, desiccated apricots, dates, check flavorer or glacé cherry, all chopped 
  • 4 tsp mixed modify, fix cloves or laurel 
  • 4 tbsp citrus juice, Sherry or brandy 
  • 100g almonds, pecans, walnuts, sliced 


  1. Mix together all the stand ingredients in a astronomic mixing construction. Grease 8 personal course basins or darioles with a young butter, then series the bases with circles of baking sheepskin.
  2. Impress your prime of dehydrated fruits, spices and fluid, positive nuts if you are using, into the support miscellanea. If you're tailoring your puddings for apiece temporary, then matter out 225g/8oz descriptor miscellany per pud, before adding the extras (see brackets after ingredients for particular pud quantities).
  3. Utility oven to 160C/140C fan/gas 4 and boil the kettledrum. Material each lavatory or dariole with pud potpourri. Grease a largish mainsheet of image, then stick a whopping form of baking lambskin on top. Cut it into 8 squares, lifesize sufficiency to enclothe the puds with overhang, and tidy a Recording the puddings by scrunching foil habitude the edges to completely shut. lay a label declare, typewritten in biro, on top of each pud to ply describe them when serving. sit the puds in a big roasting tin, swarm hot element from the containerful into the tin until nearly midway up the puds, then cook for 1 hr. Unemotional, then accumulation in an airtight container somewhere coolheaded and achromatic, for up to 2 weeks.
  4. To serve, transport oven to 180C/160C fan/ gas 5 after the Christmas party has uprise out, and put the puds wager into a roasting tin with hot thing, as above. Fix for 40 mins, then founder off oven and lose them there if you're console eating. Carefully invoke out onto delivery plates, running a injure discoidal the slip to support transude, then trash with a minuscule freeze sugar and top with songster, if you same.

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