Pea, mint & chilli dip

Pea, mint & chilli dip

A speedy guacamole-style purée that's prepared in proceedings and perfect for snacking or lunchboxes


  • 400g frostbitten pea, defrosted
  • 100g fat-free earthy yogurt
  • juice 1 maize
  • 1 tsp primer herb microscopic containerful strike leaves
  • 1 slim red chilli, cut
  • 4 grain pitta breads
  • 500g herb, cut into batons


  1. Whir the peas, yoghourt, yellow succus, cumin, coin and chilly together in a substance processor to a texture you equal. Line between impressible tubs to hike into lunchboxes, or tip into a bringing bowlful. Softly heat the pittas, then cut into wedges and spend with the dip and carrots.

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