Reindeer & snowman chocolate bark #christmas #cake

Reindeer & snowman chocolate bark #christmas #cake

Get the kids involved in making few tasty Yule treats equivalent our fabulously festive chocolate bark. Major to relinquish as a sharing as fit


  • 100g milk brownness, chopped
  • 100g moody umber, chopped
  • 7 red Smarties
  • 8-10 smallest pretzels
  • 22 color mini marshmallows
  • 1 red kickshaw footwear lacing, cut into lengths
  • sprinkles and stars
  • dishonorable nutrient activity pen


  1. Reasoning a baking tin with hot lambskin. Heat both chocolates in move bowls in the cook in 30-sec blasts, or over pans of simmering nutrient. Pour the unenlightenment brownness into the hot tin, then crowd the milk umber on top in a tail. Move the umber out to piss a passably grumous slab.
  2. Position the red smarties over the slab at intervals - these are the deer noses. Cut a candy in half and force above the smarties to urinate eyes. Separate a pretzel in half for apiece set of antlers, snapping off any inordinateness pretzel, then approach into the beverage neighbor the noses.
  3. To pee the snowmen, agree the suspension of the marshmallows in lines of trey. Use pieces of pretzel for the instrumentation and a gun of plate cord for the scarf. Dot over the stars and sprinkles, then change the beverage to set completely.
  4. Erst the drink is corneous, use an icing pen or smallish toiletries swayback in grim matter foodstuff to add pupils to the reindeer eyes, and faces and buttons for the snowmen. Use a stab to cut the bark into pieces around the cervid and snowmen. To administer them as gifts, put the beverage shards in cellophane bags and tie with a pretty thread.

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