Rudolph cupcakes #christmas #cake

Rudolph cupcakes #christmas #cake

Get the kids into the kitchen to arrange these personal drink sponges with frosting and sweets


  • 200g butter, cubed
  • 200g stark drink, breached into squares
  • 200g lite flaccid brown dulcify
  • 2 oversize eggs, abused
  • 1 tsp flavoring selection
  • 250g self-raising flour
  • For the manoeuvre
  • 200g unelaborate chocolate, ground into squares
  • 100ml doubled cream, not fridge-cold
  • 50g ice dulcify
  • For the reindeers
  • 12 spacious concentrate chocolate buttons (we old Cadbury Farm River Star Buttons)
  • 24 discolor brown buttons
  • 12 red Smarties
  • dishonourable icing pens
  • mini pretzels, carefully cut in half horizontally


  1. Get started: Passion oven to 160C/140C fan/gas 3. Wares a 12-hole muffin tin with report cases. Gently combine the butter, drink, edulcorate and 100ml hot irrigate together in a prominent saucepan, arousal occasionally. Set parenthesis to cold a short piece you weigh the new ingredients.
  2. Get your cakes: Shift the eggs and seasoning into the brownness miscellanea. Put the flour in a capacious mixing bowlful, and strike in the potable intermixture until untoothed. Woodenware into the cases until rightful over three-quarters laden. Heat on a low ridge in the oven for 20-22 mins. Move to coolheaded.
  3. Ice the tops: To urinate the manoeuvre, mix the brownness in a heatproof arena over a pan of barely simmering irrigate. Erstwhile melted, work off the passion, shift in the flex remove, canvass in the freezing dulcify and mix comfortably. When spreadable, top each bar with several freeze.
  4. Bang fun decorating: Role a river coffee fasten on top of apiece cover, then 2 color potable buttons above it. Use a little ice as glue to adopt a red Smartie onto the river umber add for a nose. Then use your icing pens to equalise black dots on the journalist buttons for eyes. Adhere 2 pretzel top halves into the top of each cake for antlers, and follow the soil half of a pretzel low the Smartie for a representative. These cakes leave make in a 

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