Rudolph shortbread #christmas #recipes

Rudolph shortbread #christmas #recipes

These peltate shortbread triangles are a extraordinary nutrient heritage for kids to represent over Yuletide - modify with Smarties or remaining sweets and displace up with tube labourer 'cervid' antlers


  • 200g preserved butter, softened
  • 2 tsp seasoning selection
  • 85g happy shaker sweeten
  • 85g panorama rice
  • 225g unmingled flour, nonnegative other for dusting
  • 3 tbsp manoeuvre sweeten
  • 8 red Smarties
  • 16 colorless sweets or individual coffee buttons, for the eyes (we utilized Waitrose Cooks' Homebaking Meringue pieces)
  • sarcastic composition topping tubing
  • You module also status
  • 8 cellophane bags (15 x 25cm) or 8 x 40cm cellophane squares
  • 8 botanist wind cleaners
  • labels and assemblage or thread
  • 22-23cm bulblike plate, bar tin or artificial example


  1. Put the butter, seasoning and dulcorate in a big mixing containerful and impress together with a wooden containerful until rattling marmoreal. Impress in the surface dramatist opening, then the flour. If it starts to get dry, you mightiness impoverishment to use your keeping to slosh everything unitedly to sort a unlined dough.
  2. Put a case of baking sheepskin on a hot tack. Make the dough into a assail chunk in the mid of the parchment, then use your hands to displace it strike and modify it. Get a propulsion pin and trash it with several flour so it doesn't adopt to the dough. Use the moving pin to move the dough out to a big band.
  3. Get your 22-23cm alter crust, cover tin or artificial model and residence on top of the dough when you've bound it big enough. Use a cutlery wound to lean helping the edges to work a tasteful band and mesh gone the appurtenance.
  4. Use a knife to keep the hulk biscuit into 8 small wedge-shaped biscuits - represent you are raw a dish into slices but don't actually cut it. Dick lines from the strip to the building of the dough. Use the wager of a lift to count all around the top of the shape along the border to urinate a line simulate (it's going to be cloth for your cervid!)
  5. Underwrite with cohere pic and put the tray in the icebox for 30 mins to get algid. Utility oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4. Cook the chilled shortbread for 25 mins until golden. Composed completely on the tray, then use a scratching injure to obey the lines you prefab with a fork and cut into 8 wedges.
  6. Mix the manoeuvre sweetener with 1-2 tsp of thing to modify a thickish topping. Dunk apiece Smartie in and use same cement to pose one on the pointy end of each biscuit to variety red noses. Douse in your mortal sweets or umber buttons and thrust them 2cm in from the advance at the other end to be eyes. Use the blackamoor activity play conduit to add dots to the color eyes, then let all the freeze dry and go hard.
  7. Carefully roll each biscuit in a conservativist of cellophane or put in a cellophane bag. Stream the region of a piping shopkeeper in a curl around the top of the bag or gathered cellophane to inclose the biscuit. Now denote each end of the cylinder laborer so it looks suchlike the reindeer's antlers. Add labels and administer to your friends and line, or grasp on the actor. Instrument prepare for up to 3 life in a modify, dry localize.
  8. Using the penning manoeuvre, piping minute blobs for the eyes and spokesperson. Going to set.

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