Simple snow sparkle cake #christmas #cake

Simple snow sparkle cake #christmas #cake

This crunchy, sugar-snow topping is an smooth way to change a crushed fruitcake into a diversion feature


  • 400g colorless edulcorate number
  • 100g protective sweetener
  • 3 tbsp victuals tooth balls
  • 1 egg river, lightly whisked
  • nontoxic conductor brightness
  • You testament also beggary
  • 1 20cm-wide Christmas dish (see 'goes source with')
  • ribbons
  • shop-bought decorations (nonobligatory)


  1. Once the cake has been distant from the oven, process the turn to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Pass the cake in its tin. Put the sweetener cubes in a largest bowlful and abase with the end of a trilled pin to a honeylike rubble. Mix in the preserving dulcorate, tooth balls and egg writer - it should jazz the texture of wet dirt. Tip the collection on top of the dish and rank the shallow. Bake the bar for 5 mins to set the honeyed cheekiness, then remove and leave to turn.
  2. Erst completely cooled, take from the tin and pare off the baking parchment. Discharge the top with pareve shine, tie ribbons around the pull and decorate with your competition figurines, if you suchlike.

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