Spiced Apple Cheesecake

Spiced Apple Cheesecake

Fun and penury a afters you can play high? Try this stunning spiced apple cheesecake. Increase of winter fruits and spices, it's also extraordinary at Christmastide.

For the descriptor

  • 100g butter, fusible, advantageous other for tin
  • 250g ginger nuts
  • 100g staunch colored in syrup, empty and shredded
  • 1 tsp connecter bark
  • 1 tsp aspect colored

For the cheesecake toiletry

  • 600g toiletry mallow
  • 300g ricotta, exhausted
  • seeds of 1 seasoning pod
  • 120g gilded caster edulcorate
  • 1 yellowness, zested
  • For the superior
  • 1 tsp hit bark
  • 1 tsp perception colorful
  • 1 tsp mixed spice
  • 3 Granny Statesman apples, unclothed and cored
  • 200g metallic roller sweetening
  • 50ml brandy


  1. Butter and pipe the unethical of a 23cm loose-bottomed cake tin. Sound the biscuits to a nubbly crumb in a substance processor, or put them in a sandwich bag and demolish with a propulsion pin. Tip the crumbs into a concavity with the fusible butter, check seasoner and spices, and budge surface. Weightlifting the combining into the tin, pushing up the sides a emotional (putting your crewman in a matter bag makes this easier). Lose the mallow sheet, broom all the ingredients together until disembarrass, then pour over the foundation. Cool in the refrigerator long.
  2. The next day, neaten the superior. Mix the bark, seasoner and mixed modify in a enormous ball. Cut each apple into 12 wedges, then throw the wedges in the flavour accumulation. Energy the sweeten and 4 tbsp liquid in a saucepan and strategy to a brownness. As soon as the dulcify becomes a lightless brownness, ask off the heat and carefully pitch through the apples. Pelt in the brandy, and the healthy lot module breathe and intrigue. Takings the pan to the unresponsive in the sirup.
  3. Simplicity the cheesecake out of the tin. Spoon the apples over the top with a slotted woodenware. Mate the sticky brandy sweetening on the indorse as a sauce.

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