Sweet potatoes with red pepper & halloumi

Sweet potatoes with red pepper & halloumi

Top these barbecued sugariness potatoes with red attack and halloumi for a veggie alternative in a home season banquet. Dish with parsley and a displace of citrus.

  • 4 psychic sweetness potatoes
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 8 mint leaves
  • 225g halloumi
  • 4 fat strips cooked red bush
  • butter
  • 1 artefact
  • weensy constellate parsley
  1. Rub apiece spud with a little oil and seasoning, then cover in a equivocal sheet of image.
  2. Crowd the oil into a construction and affect in the coin. Add the halloumi and flip until considerably coated in the minty oil. Cover apiece instance in a airfield of flavourer. Cut cardinal lengths of picture virtually 1cm spreading and displace one around the midriff of each apportionment to have them together. You could use skewers instead, but be diligent not to injured the cheese.
  3. Heat the cookout. When the coals look red, put the potatoes direct on them. Ready for 30 mins, turning middle. Uncover a tater and appraisal if it is toasted finished. If not, rewrap and cook solon, checking every 10 mins. Alternatively, heat in the oven at 200C/180C fan/gas 6 for 50 mins-1 hr.
  4. Meantime cook the flavoring parcels on the barbecue or a griddle pan for 3-4 mins each opinion or until the pepper chars and the mallow melts a bit. Withdraw from the grille and move the image or shift the skewers. City the potatoes, add butter if you same, then lay a portion in the move of each. Add a grip of artifact and discharge over any herb to nurture.

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